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I want to call just one person on my radio. Can I do that?
With Kenwood's proprietary FleetSync feature you can! This feature is available on model TK-3230 only and allows the creation of a network of up to 36 individual radio id's. Using these id's you can call users direct, by department or all call using only ONE channel. This allows multiple users to call simultaneously. Please call Comquip if you'd like more information on this setting. 1-877-533-5331
I have multiple radios. Do I have to reprogram each radio?

No! Kenwood's ProTalk radios have a proprietary wireless cloning feature which allows you to share the settings of one radio with over 200 same model radios in less than 60 seconds! Simply program a master unit and follow the instructions in your owners manual on cloning. Below are video demonstrations on cloning depending on which model you have.

When operating my radio I can hear other users and they interrupt my conversations. How can I avoid or eliminate this?

What your experiencing is "cross chatter". This happens when two radio users within range of each other are operating on the same frequencies. This can be eliminated by changing channel frequencies, adding privacy codes or switching to another channel. See the cloning and programming FAQs for your model for a demonstration. Comquip also recommends licensing your frequencies with the FCC. This ensures that no one can operate on the same frequency within your assigned territory.

Are Kenwood radios compatible with other Business Radios?
Yes! Radio communication is set by three factors: Channel, Frequency and Code. The channel is the setting on the radio to which frequency and code are locked in. Using field programming and cloning you can set channels to match the frequency and codes of other business radios. The channel defaults match most other brands right out of the box. Please see the programming FAQs for a demonstration on programming and cloning.
Can I program my TK-3230 to communicate with other brands of radio?

Yes! Kenwood ProTalk radios can communicate with other business radios by utilizing our field programming function right on the radio. You can locate the table of frequencies and interference codes in your owners manual. It also includes a programming walkthrough. Here is a how to video on the subject.

Can a VHF radio talk to a UHF radio?
No! VHF and UHF frequency bands are not compatible.
How far can I talk?

Talk range will vary based upon terrain, conditions and type of radio. The best talk range conditions is flat ground without obstructions, your radio will talk for many miles. Here is a range chart below for general suggestion.

However each environment is different so we offer on site visits or free loaner radio use to determine which is the best product for your site. Please contact us for help determining what is best for you.

Why are Kenwood radios so durable and rugged?
Simply because Kenwood knows that radios have to be tough to withstand the years of hard indoor and outdoor usage and ProTalk® radios are specially designed to meet or exceed rigid Mil-Spec standards established by the US Department of Defense.

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